The “Up To Us” Campaign Shows You How To Have Your Say In The Government’s Foreign Policy

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Isolationism, nationalism and xenophobia is kind of a big deal right now and conservative politics is spreading around the globe.

Whether it’s bedlam in Duterte’s Philippines, the immigration heavy Brexit vote, or our own cruel and unusual refugee policies that pre-date all of those, politics is turning heartless, extreme, and to the right.

Campaign for Australian Aid has launched Up To Us to combat Trump-like views & policies, to stop them spreading further into Australian law. Its first major action is about encouraging the public to have their say in the Australian Government’s upcoming Foreign Policy White Paper.   

Foreign Policy is a big deal, it dictates how our nation goes about dealing with international conflicts, how we collaborate to ensure refugees find a safe place to live, and how we can combat climate change and poverty.

Australia has substantial wealth and international influence, and it should be using that power to speak up and say to the international community that we can build a better and more inclusive world.

Whilst we have seeded our moral authority by being inactive on climate change and by mistreating refugees, we can change that. By contributing to the Foreign Policy white paper, we can tell our MPs that we want to see action that combats injustice internationally and that we’ll have to lead by example here at home because combating today’s big issues requires collaboration, not isolation.

Up To Us is designed to help you put your own foreign policy priorities down on paper. By visiting their website, you can answer a small number of questions that will determine what your personal policy priorities are, which will then build a beautifully written two-page letter.

You can then copy, paste and edit the letter before sending it to your local MP. You can even elect to have your letter included on the Foreign Policy White Paper website that will form the basis of Australia’s future foreign policy legislation.

We need to make sure Australia’s foreign policy future is not built around the views of special interests or trumped up politics, but what you value, and what you believe should be a priority for our future in Australia and around the world, so send your letter now.

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