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Foreign Affairs is complicated af, and it can be hard enough keeping up with the politics of our own country, let alone the politics of someone else’s. However, there are some global issues that are too big to ignore. To save you from having to read a newspaper from every corner of the globe, there’s yet another podcast to add to your cue that will help you build an understanding of the world around you, one challenge at a time.

So let me introduce Monocle’s The Foreign Desk Explainer. Each week, host Steve Bloomfield knuckles down and studies in depth a question that is facing the entire world, and then he condenses it into a tiny and approachable podcast. Think of it like information popcorn; 5 minutes of beautifully orated fact on why the world is the way it is, and where it’s going next. They’re not shy with the questions they ask too.

What exactly is Trump’s Immigration ban? Is the EU actually unpopular? Why are Japan and Russia arguing over some desolate islands? Can Marine Le Pen win the French Presidential Election? What does the impeachment of Brazil’s President mean for the rest of the world? Is Belgium on the brink of splitting apart? What would the world be like with Russia as the World’s Policeman?

In our hyper-connected and globalised world, it’s getting increasingly important to understand the world around us. It can be hard (and quite unnecessary) to become an international policy wonk, but this podcast is a brilliant start.

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