‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Will Save The World By Encouraging Kids To Code

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Like most ageing millennials, I have vague recollections of loving The Powerpuff Girls as a small child and I have no idea what happened to them after that, did they go on hiatus for many years? What happened to them? They’re back now though, right? I’m seeing them again and it’s very exciting. All my friends have been posting versions of themselves as a Powerpuff girl on social media.

So it’s with great glee that I now discover the adorable trio are back to save the world, and now Bubbles has learned how to code! How perfect is that? There’s a lot of talk about the STEM industry and how it can do more to encourage young women to get involved from a younger age. This is a step in the right direction for young viewers (and maybe even some old ones, hello it me!)

Now there’s an episode called “Viral Spiral” where Bubbles uses her coding skills to save the world before bedtime (this is way too cute). The timing of the episode couldn’t be more perfect, since they will also launch “Make it Fly” alongside the episode. “Make it Fly” is an initiative aimed at young viewers to help them code Powerpuff animations and games using Scratch, an educational programming tool. You can thank the network partnering up with MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group for the handy tools.

“We’re willing to give our IP away in order to put it in kids’ hands and help them be creators,” Cartoon Network president Christina Miller told TechCrunch. “That takes a certain comfort level and understanding that kids want choice and control. We’ll do a free tutorial around how to code and give them assets to code. We’ll give a suite of assets to Scratch to post and let the kids have their way with them. It inspires us to see what they do with it.”

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