How To Get Exciting Socially Conscious Gifts Like ‘Cuddles With Rescue Pups And Cats’

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Buying presents is extremely stressful (if you take it too seriously and put pressure on yourself to buy the world’s greatest gift for everyone you know) but also extremely fun if you can find the perfect gift easily without spending loads of money and if you can avoid spending money on yourself in the process (I can’t do this and need a support group to extricate me from my own bad spending habits).

That’s why “Chuffed Christmas Campaign” is the solution nay intervention I didn’t know I needed. In its basic form it’s a christmas catalogue full of unique gifts and experiences that aim to do some good by supporting the various campaigns and projects for, a crowdfunding platform for social causes.

At its best it’s a genius ploy that includes all the cool shit you might have spent hours searching for, presented in one handy place or as I like to call it “a gaggle of good gifts”. The idea was to see if they could create social good Christmas presents that were better than commercial Christmas presents.

“That was our starting point” explains CEO, Prashan Paramanathan. “We scoured our 4,000 plus social good crowdfunding campaigners to find the ones that were making gifts and experiences that were better than what you could get on the high street”.

I like the honesty of this because you can only smile politely at so many cards with a photo of the goat someone donated on your behalf, without disclosing how you really feel, which is that you wish you could have at least SEEN the goat before it was donated, or at the very least wondering why nobody thought to buy TWO goats one for you and one for the person who needs it more than you.

Each gift aims to do something unique and creative that works for the organisation or issue in question. What they came up with was a mix of the eclectic, hilarious and beautiful. For example, for $50, you can get a Canberra-based theatre group to create a personalised song about someone, with the money going to support Lifeline Canberra. For $34.50, you can get a tin of organic, award-winning Ovvio Tea, with the exact same tin being donated to a woman in a domestic violence shelter. BEST OF ALL? You can even get two hours of cuddles with a dog or cat to support a local animal rescue shelter for $50. The problem as I see it, is that I must buy this last gift for everyone who has shared an adorable puppy video. Pray for my wallet.

“If we can get people buying the gifts, because they’re excellent gifts, that’s the tipping point. That’s when we’ll see large volumes of previously commercial money flowing into the social good economy” said Paramanathan.

And just in case, having a gift that gave twice wasn’t enough (what’s wrong with you, of course it’s enough! But go on, we’re listening), the Telstra Foundation is match funding the Chuffed Christmas Catalogue up to $10,000, so that every time someone buys a gift, the Telstra Foundation will donate the same amount to the organisation that the gift supports. This is literally the gift that keeps on giving.

But you must hurry. There are only a certain amount of each gift available and the campaign only runs until the 14th of December. So prepare your chuffed pants because you’ll be wearing them soon enough and feeling mighty pleased with yourself, you smug yet altruistic gift giver.

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