Even You Could Become A CEO for One Month, Get Paid Juicy Sum

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Good luck finding a job in _________*

*insert degree you’re studying.

Does this sound familiar? Does it hit a little too close to home (well, too close to four-bedroom-share-house because actual homes are unaffordable). Then you’re probably one of the many Australians who are in over-saturated degrees and are heading into a world of job insecurity. Welcome friends!

But The Adecco Group might just serve up your salvation with their annual program – CEO for One Month program, where yep, you guessed it – you can shadow a CEO for a month.

Oh, and did I mention you even get a tidy 15 000 Euro salary for your efforts, so you can even experience being moderately overpaid for your profession? 

Last year, 900 people from around Australia applied for the role. The Adecco Group says that the program will equip candidates with the skills they didn’t learn in high school (which I can only presume they mean taxes and superannuation), giving them that all-important edge once they’re fresh out of university.

“We want to provide young Australians with opportunities and help them thrive through the power of work. By taking part in this unique pathway, youths will be able to boost their employability through project-based learning in a practical, real-world environment,” said Ger Doyle, CEO of Adecco Australia.

Here’s the promo video where they describe “attitude” as the most important ingredient to success (I can hear mums everywhere protesting in disagreement but alas).

It’s all part of Adecco’s “Way To Work” program which is trying to reduce unemployment and whip graduates into shape. If you’re successful in becoming a CEO for a month, you will also receive “further guidance and professional opportunities” from The Adecco Group aka don’t screw it up majorly and you’ll probably have a job on the cards.

So if you’re in the mood to step into the role of CEO, then sign up for the program. Except maybe if your name is John or David. We have a fair few of them already.

And do not, I repeat, do not agree to star in any promotional videos. Even if you harbour a deep love for paleo pear and banana bread.

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