Australia, We Must Repair Our National Shame & Replace The Stolen 250kg Doggo Statue

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On 27 December 2016, an unspeakable crime was committed. Between the hours of 10pm and 11pm, a caucasian man with brown hair allegedly stole a canine icon from Paddington – the statue known only as Dogman. It is unknown how one man managed to transport a dog statue weighing 250kg with nothing but an apparent intense passion for pooches and a disregard for the law. It’s especially impressive considering the suspect was reportedly under 6 foot.

Yet in the months since, despite a $10,000 reward, the poor pooch has not been seen since. So now they’re asking for our help to bring another Dogman to life through a Pozible campaign, hoping to raise $10,000. But this time they’re not taking any chances. The creators – husband and wife team Gillie and Marc – are cracking down. In addition to the Pozible fundraising campaign, they’re calling on the Australian public to become “Public Art Protectors” (tragically close to PUP but alas it wasn’t to be). Once they replace the Dogman statue, they’re taking the rather intense step of installing a surveillance camera with a 24/7 live feed to their website They’re also hoping the public will take daily photos of the doggo sculpture (rather ambitious imo) and upload them to social media with the tags #paparazzidog and #opuspapdog so they can keep constant track of it. Protective owners or helicopter parents? You decide.

The Dogman statue was created by husband and wife team Gillie and Marc in partnership with Opus Designs. The Dogman is part of their iconic duo – Dogman and Rabbitgirl, which (despite sounding suspiciously like Sharkboy and Lavagirl) tells their own story of two opposites joining forces to become best friends and soulmates. The specific Pap Dog sculpture has been photographed over 20 million times all over the world, representing the media’s pack mentality and tendency to brutally hunt celebrities for their pictures. Other sculptures have been placed in Beijing, San Diego, Shanghai, Paris, New York and here in Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne. Yet it’s only in Sydney and Melbourne where the art has been vandalised and stolen.

“It makes us question, what’s wrong with Australia?” they said in a post.

That is a test Australia, get out your credit cards and donate. We’ll show them we love dogs more than any nation on this Earth.

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