Meet The Vocal

The Vocal is action-oriented, social-first and radically positive.

Our aim is to empower young people to give a damn, and do something about it. We focus on social issues that matter. We encourage our community to be vocal about their stories and to always take action on issues.

We believe that positivity and constructive, realistic action, combined with humour and not taking ourselves too seriously, are far more useful ways to enact change for a new generation.

Our idea of action is broad. It starts with learning about the issues and sharing them with your networks. You can engage with our action button and be part of a collective movement that provides solutions to a range of issues. You can also simply change the way you think and act on an everyday level. We believe all action matters, no matter how small.

Our stories range from light-hearted fun tidbits to more informative investigate style pieces and in-depth explainers with actionable ideas and uplifting ways to do more. So whether you laugh, cry, get mad, get active or get vocal, in the end it’s your life and your internet browser. Do what you want. We’re just glad you made it here at all. No really, how did you get here? Who sent you?


The Vocal aims to:

  • Promote simple, impactful action, no matter how small
  • Take an optimistic, pragmatic yet realistic view on issues
  • Focus on societal and environmental progress
  • Look at people using technology and ideas for good
  • Lead sustainable, self-fulfilling lifestyles
  • Check in with stories about travel, global cultures and diversity
  • Make you laugh, giggle, chuckle, cough out a “heh” every now and again
  • Publish stories, ideas, interviews, features and investigations that are legit interesting
  • We hope to inform, entertain and make you nod your head sagely or maybe fist pump the air, whatever floats your goat.

We are not restricted by traditional story formats. We want to explore all the formats – from interactive stories, new ways of taking action, new types of videos and more. If you want to get involved and contribute, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us a story.

Remember – what you choose to click and read and share is already a powerful way of sending a message to the media (and the world) about what you want more of. (Some) publishers are listening. They’re looking at the metrics and the fancy stats and they have an idea of what people want. They’re tailoring their publishing to include that.

Show them what you want. Mass mobilised action is actually more possible than you might think. Just saying.

Who we are

We are a team so tiny, there’s only one of us. We sit within a larger media organisation you might have heard of called “Fairfax Media”.

Sheree Joseph

Managing Editor


Sheree started her career as a writer for an internet start-up, with a humour manual written by a cat as her only guidance. She has extensive experience in digital having worked in the film and television industry as a digital communications manager and as a writer, editor and social media manager for various lifestyle, travel and youth publishers. She has already started telling people that social media wasn’t huge back when she was a student, and already people have started tuning this out. Her colleagues sometimes refer to her as “The One Who Finds GIFS” but she insists to this day that she is not a Tumblr. Her dreams include going viral in a sustainable way, becoming the Head of Imagination at an imaginary company and one day finishing her novel.

The Vocal is a social initiative by Fairfax Media Pty Ltd.